Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 11:08pm
My trophy root!!! I dug it out all by myself with this big shovel!😄😄😄

Today I had my before surgery clinic appointment and I got the rundown for my surgery.

Okay, not joking, it's going to be intense and the risk level is very much elevated to say it as nicely as I can.

My abdomen has a higher blood pressure bc I lost my portal vein. To even fix my intestines, my surgeons, first have to normalize the blood pressure by doing a splenal/renal shunt. If they were to cut into my intestines bf doing this shunt I would loose soo much blood.

Doing this shunt alone has serious complications, complications affecting my other organs, even putting me back on liver transplant list and much worse. So don't read google, I certainly didn't and neither are my doesn't matter, Gods got this and we know He can help out at anytime!

So once they cut through all my scar tissue from my multiple surgeries they will have to find this overlapping system of veins and shunt them together and hopefully the blood pressures normalize and the surgery can continue on

Sometimes kids become unstable during this and the surgery has to be stopped, the kid sutured back up and then they are sent to the ICU until they are stabalized again.

After the abdominal pressures normalize, they will work on my intestines, fixing scar tissue and increasing the length of my small bowel.

Four attending surgeons and their fellows will be working on me July 26th.

Expect 1, possibly 2 days of surgery. And don't be alarmed if I'm in the ICU for an unknown time with tubes and wires. All will be similar to a transplant.

Why did I just tell you all this? Well now you know and you can ask for intercession as the surgeons work on me. Mom has been praying that I don't suffer and that God gives me the grace to be my happy self

This is a big test of faith and its going to be tough but never stop believing that all things are possible! Miracles Happen Everyday! God knew I was going to be here before I was born. He already has a plan in place! No worries just keep praying!

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Save Lucas added 6 new photos.Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 10:43pm
My family had a great time today at Idlewild & SoakZone!!! I have been to this park a number of times in the past and NEVER have I enjoyed the park so much until today!!! Thank you Jesus for the gift of my energy, for the blessing of my smile and for the joy of my life!!!

Moments in life can be tough but God is always good, allowing you moments to regroup and take a break! Today was exactly what i needed before my major surgery July 26th.

The last thing I asked Mom before we left the park...

"Can we please come back another time Mom!? I had so much fun!!!"

"Absolutely Lukie! As soon as your out of the hospital, we will come back!!! It will give us all something to look forward too!"


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One day of work and another day of cake! I love cupcakes!!!!

This week my family had some unforseen trials and tests of faith in which we offered our suffering to Jesus to help others. Little Jacob got injured pretty bad needing staples and stitches by a facial and maxiliary surgeon at Childrens after he was put to sleep for the procedure. And he has been a wild man since he got home!! Then we had to make some very tough personal decisions 😭😢 that everyone in the house was upset about.

The solution at first wasnt presenting itself but we trusted that God would provide like He always does and our hearts would be at peace.

While I can't talk about specifics, God provided. Whether it be a temporary or a permanant solution, God provided and while we are sad, our hearts are at peace!

We all have tests of faith everyday. Do we accept the situation with an open heart to allow God to work or do we deny God the oppurtunity work in our lives?

It's never easy to open our hearts and allow God to work when things get tough but do will see Gods mysterious workings!!

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Look at me growing like a weed!! Today I worked hard raking leaves and cleaning up the flower beds at TTs and Opas! You would never guess but I love doing physical labor like raking and digging holes with a big shovel!! 💪💪💪👏

Today we saw Ms. Pam for the first time in a while!! I told Mom " if Ms. Pam changes my bandage I am NOT loving on her!" See im feisty!!

And then look what she did to me!!! LOL!! I'm still looking for those glasses and the cool unicorn hat that I dont remember putting on!! 🤔🤔🤔😋😂 Id like to find those ears too! I like this look its super catchy! I heard the ladies love unicorns with glasses!! 😍😍😍

Finishing off the night reading about deer while being a goof!!!

Thanks for all your love and prayers!!! 😍😍😍😍

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Thursday, July 13th, 2017 at 3:18pm
Love For Lucas Blood Drive Information!!!

You can donate on these dates/places OR you can go to your local Central Blood Bank donation center!
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