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At 3 months of age, I (Lucas) was diagnosed with an incurable liver disease. By 9 months of age the disease had rapidly progressed. My only chance of life was the "gift of life" through organ donation. I waited and waited for the call for transplant 1.5 years past without one offer. I had two weeks to live, when God started to tell my Mom what to do. One of Gods' requests was to "start a facebook page" Knowing my time was running out, Mom and my family got to work and listened to God as He continued to guide them. A massive national/worldwide campaign #savelucas was started as my family pushed to educate the public about the importance of organ donation! A family in Nebraska #princessesdontwearpants directly donated their daughters liver to Lucas through Facebook. It was a miracle! Lucas received his gift of life as time ran out! We continue on in this journey of faith sharing God's goodness as well as my transplant journey! We want to expand the reach of our page, spread Gods love and save lives through organ donation awareness! Thank you for your prayers! God Bless
Save Lucas
Save Lucas added 2 new photos.Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 10:17pm
My New Jersey friends!

Did you ever have that moment in your life when you meet someone for the very first time and just know that you are meant to be forever friends?! An unexplainable and divine bond that links your hearts in such love and friendship!

When I was 14 months old Mom took me to Brother Pauls healing service- a man she had never seen or met before. But my family was desperate for me and my failing liver so it was worth a shot.

Mom prayed outloud as she listen to Brother Pauls miraculous introductory story "God it would be nice to have Brother Paul as a good teach us how to live and be happy again when our life is in so much turmoil"

And God connected us thats for sure!

About a year later...Brother Paul made an unexpected journey to Pittsburgh from NJ to pray for me in the ICU when I was too sick for transplant. The man i had met only for 30s before came to see me and to pray with my family. It was a miracle meeting and a miraculous recovery.

How were complete strangers again brought together???


God heard Moms cry for help

And He answered.

And we have been great friends since!!

Infact...tonight I sat on the table...waiting for my 3 forever friends to arrive!!

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Save Lucas
Save LucasThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 9:50pm
IM HOME!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

The first thing I did when I got home was run into the house to see my brothers! We danced and ran in circles together!!

Thanks to my transplant team and the doctors, nurses and staff of the ER, the PICU and infectious disease who worked hard to stabalize and heal me. Thanks to the docs and staff in the blood bank, to the generous blood donors, to the GI team, and the procedure center staff. Thanks to my favorite housekeeper on 7B and Mr. Ron the cook as well as the other cafeteria workers who kept me well fed! To the chaplain and Father Vince who came to pray with me. Thank you Cookie the transporter and to my nurse friends from church who made me laugh! To my friend Rose who walked with me, that was fun!

Thank you friends for praying for me! I
It took alot of people to help me get better and Im sure I missed many people! Great team effort!! Love to everyone!

I came home with 12 hours of IV nutrition and 3 times per day IV antibiotics. My med chart is like a puzzle for a genious...its complicated...with what line to use and what color and the day and what hour to put venco lock it and on and on....are you confused yet? I still dont know how the nurses remembered all this! It makes Moms eyes cross!

Goodnight my dedicated friends!

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Save Lucas
Save Lucas added 2 new photos — at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at 5:03pm
Lets get straight to important 4 year old boy things....

Meet my new friend Spidey!

Mommy found him and almost sat on Spidey...Could you imagine the trauma my new friend had with all EIGHT of his eyes seeing Moms butt slowly coming down on him!!!! Poor guy probably wished he was blind! If he wasnt blind then, he is blind now! 😂😂😂😂

Anyways Mom screames "spider" and I came a running to see what kind of awesome present Nurse Pam left me! Pretty cool! Soooo much better than legos! I was pumped!

Now lets get to my scope. It went well. There was no obvious bleeding detected. God must have wanted my team to find another problem area bc he helped them today. They found another stricture that will need to be fixed and its near my liver bile duct. Dont try to figure out my anatomy bc its different than your anatomy books! Dont ask Mom either bc she will tell you this is connected to that thing and that narrow thing is connected to that other thing. I also had a few biopsies done.

It was pretty narrow so i need more of a soft/liquid diet to allow things to pass more easily! Whoot whoot more Orgain chocolate kids shakes for me!

One day at a time! I am cradled by a God who loves me, who loves all of us, so Im not to worried. He can fix all things if it is His Mighty Will. And if He chooses not to fix things, its okay too, He will lead us down another path.


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Save Lucas
Save LucasWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 8:21pm
I was all set for my procedure, permissions signed, and anethesia soon to be given and the call was made to delay the scope till tomorrow at 8am.

Because my scope has a higher than normal risk of bleeding the team called down to have platlets and blood on standby for me just in case I needed it. And we were told there was no blood at the hospital that matched my needs and it would take a few hours to get that blood ready. I have to say...thats pretty scary to know that my blood needs are so specific that there isnt any for me in a moments notice. Now that this happened 2x in a few days, Mom is going to backup plan B and she will be making some phone calls.

Let me also say its no ones fault. Im so specific in my needs that a backup plan/source needs to be created. And Moms going to work on that very very soon so expect to hear about an upcoming blood drive for me and others.

I also just learned there is a great need for O- blood which is my type.

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Save Lucas
Save LucasWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 8:10am
A true man I am!!!

Nothing like waking up in the morning and walking around in your underwear with your slippers on!!!! 😎

Last night I had an all night poop party! No joke 😂 !

Im having a GI scope today at 1230 to look for any internal bleeding that may have caused that very low drop in blood levels this past Sunday. If the team finds something they will try to fix it.

My bacterial infection is now in my broviac line which means the ID team is going to throw out some special tricks to try and kill the bacteria in the next few days. We are really praying that these special tricks work and kill the bacteria so we can save this broviac line from having to be pulled and then replaced.

We place these prayer requests humbly in Jesus's hands and we shall wait and see what the Divine will is in this situation always remembering that God is infinitely good! He loves us more than anyone could ever love us!

And thats hard to imagine...bc I love my chocolate milks more than I love Mom right now!!! 😋

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