Miracles Happen Everyday

I used to be blinded by the idea that miracles are rare and spectacular events, like instant healings, defeating the odds after a horrific event or having a vision of heaven or heavenly people.

Only through Lucas’s illness did I realize that miracles are not always large recognizable events. In fact, MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY, and the majority of the miracles we don’t see, hear or feel because we are distracted.

Just the other day I witnessed one of God’s miracles. Let me share what happened.

I was flying in a Cessna 172 with a student and I told the student to initiate a climb to 4000 feet and maintain a heading of South.  It was a bumpy, windy and turbulent day even as we climb to a higher altitude.

As my student leveled off, I was giving him a few instructional pointers on trimming the airplane for level flight after a climb.

Almost instantaneously, our airplane dropped quickly as we hit a pocket of turbulence causing my student to scream “whoa!” and tense up on the controls.

Casually glancing out of the front of the window, I saw three unexpected large objects barely clear our airplane as they flew in the exact opposite direction. (Either large migratory birds or the tires from another airplane that flew right above us)

Had I not looked out the airplane window that very instant I would have never realized this: That violent drop wasn’t really turbulence.  It was  HEAVEN pushing my plane down just enough to avoid the mid air collision. 

The most unexpected happenings in our day, could very well be God’s miraculous workings so open your hearts and see God’s goodness in all things….even that annoying turbulence!


7 Responses to Miracles Happen Everyday

  • I do believe miracles happen everyday also. You just have to believe and have faith. You have a beautiful family. There is just some thing so special about Lucas. I do believe God has touched Lucas, he has chosen him to be his instrument to help others. I have become an organ donor because of him.

  • Can’t wait to read your book! I remember praying for Little Lucas and you hadn’t posted that day and it was one of the more serious situations and I was really worried. I was driving home and a cardinal appeared, I have always heard they are a sign from heaven and I immediately felt relieved knowing someone in heaven wanted me to know Lucas would be alright. We witness miracles everyday in one form or another.

  • Having known Olivia for most of her life i have enjoyed keeping up with Lucas and your family. I am so glad he is doing so well and so happy. I will continue to watch him grow and remember Olivia. Losing O was so hard but it has helped knowing she has helped Lucas live a fuller and healther and happier life. Wishing your family all the best. Please keep up with the post so we may watch Lucas grow. K eeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • God Bless Lucas and please hold him and his family in your arms Heavenly Father!

  • I just want to say thank you for sharing your lives, good and bad days and Lucas. You see Lucas has given me hope and stronger faith in God. I wake up everyday to thank God for myself and my children. There truly are miracles and angels and I believe we have one watching over us all the time. Thank you again. God is great 🙏🙏

  • I”m an RN and just got done working a long 12-13 hours night turn shift in a Neuro/Trauma unit. As usual my 40 minute drive home was ahead of me and I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was to close my eyes.
    As I drive I remember thinking ” if I only shut my eyes for a few seconds U’d feel better, but I knew I couldn’t , I was driving! Well… I did shut my eyes, then I heard a horn blowing and its scared me to death but it woke me up. I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a semi truck behind me. Well, every time I dozed off the horn would blow. That semi truck followed me all the way until I was 5 minutes from home. We were crossing a bridge which ended in a split in the road, I saw he was now in the other lane so I was going to wave to him to thank him for keeping me awake and safe. When I looked to my left side to wave…. NO semi truck. It was gone!!! Immediately I became hasterical and started to cry. My gaurding Angel drove a semi truck. A true MIRiCLE, God had a plan for me. I travelled that road for many more years and cared for many more critical patients. Maybe that was Gods plans through the help of my gaurding Angel in the semi truck.

  • I just fell in love with Lucas and your family. I love too see the crazy boy things he does. Being a nurse I know and understand how important Organ donation is. God bless all of you and Olivia’s family❤❤

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