Jessica Goeller

Miracles Happen Everyday

I used to be blinded by the idea that miracles are rare and spectacular events, like instant healings, defeating the odds after a horrific event or having a vision of heaven or heavenly people.

Only through Lucas’s illness did I realize that miracles are not always large recognizable events. In fact, MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY, and the majority of the miracles we don’t see, hear or feel because we are distracted.

Just the other day I witnessed one of God’s miracles. Let me share what happened.

I was flying in a Cessna 172 with a student and I told the student to initiate a climb to 4000 feet and maintain a heading of South.  It was a bumpy, windy and turbulent day even as we climb to a higher altitude.

As my student leveled off, I was giving him a few instructional pointers on trimming the airplane for level flight after a climb.

Almost instantaneously, our airplane dropped quickly as we hit a pocket of turbulence causing my student to scream “whoa!” and tense up on the controls.

Casually glancing out of the front of the window, I saw three unexpected large objects barely clear our airplane as they flew in the exact opposite direction. (Either large migratory birds or the tires from another airplane that flew right above us)

Had I not looked out the airplane window that very instant I would have never realized this: That violent drop wasn’t really turbulence.  It was  HEAVEN pushing my plane down just enough to avoid the mid air collision. 

The most unexpected happenings in our day, could very well be God’s miraculous workings so open your hearts and see God’s goodness in all things….even that annoying turbulence!



Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support on our journey!  Its been a wild journey so far and Lucas obviously likes to keep us on our toes!!

My goal for this blog is to have a place to talk about faith and our family, organ donation awareness, special events as well as book updates. I’ve been meaning to start this blog since the end of 2015.  Better late then never right?

So I have to be honest, the other day the kids and I were at my parents house.  My mom pulled out a large box of notebooks and binders and asked me “Jess do you want any of this stuff”

One quick glance and I recognized the material…all my AP ( college) class material from high school…. AP Calculas, AP Economics, AP History and my favorite AP ENGLISH (just kidding).

My mother, sister and I were hysterically laughing at the scores of my English tests…. 4 out of 10 with teacher red marks all over the page telling me I was writing all wrong haha.  In HS I remember being so frustrated.  I told myself I was never going to write a book…writing is torture and my brain seemed to be geared more towards math and science.  I was a future electrical engineer in the making.

Well Never say never, right?  I think its hilarious now that I’m writing a book.

So about this book….throughout my life there have been noticeable divine interventions that I have kept near to my heart.   When Lucas was born and then diagnosed with liver disease, these divine interventions became more profound and eye opening so I started to keep a journal.

After Lucas got his miraculous transplant, I knew would have to share the miracles.

Remembering my English struggles, I prayed for some help.

” God if you want me to share these stories in a book, then you will have to send help!  I  have no idea what I’m doing! ”

So God sent me help.

The very next day, a publisher called me.

I knew then God sent me His answer.

Even though I despised English, got terrible English grades and said I would never write a book….I took the leap of Faith.  The book will be perfect because God’s got this one!  I’m just the instrument, but aren’t we all!

Goodnight all!